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Overall objectives of the training
The Executive Secretary is a position held by a man or a woman. It is the direct collaborator of a Head of a company, of a Director, and sometimes of a Head of Department. He/she is in charge of assisting him/her in the management and administrative organization of his/her department.

- Administrative and Commercial Correspondence
- Filing and Archiving of administrative Documents
- Reception, Communication, Organization and Supervision of a Work Team

Job opportunities
- Receive and process mail, use e-mail and the Internet.
- Organize, coordinate and manage the activities and daily needs of the department.
- Organize meetings and travel.
- Prepare, coordinate and follow up on specific departmental projects.
- Perform routine accounting and administrative tasks.
- Set up and edit slides and use DTP.
- Use a text processor and an Excel spreadsheet.
- Use a database.
- Management assistant.
- Management of a business center.
- Private secretary.

Target audience Any public (Workers, Self-employed, Job seekers)
Duration of the training
9 months of courses and 3 months of internship in a company
Cost of the training
- Registration fees: 10 000F CFA
- Price of the training: 300 000F CFA
Course materials: The materials vary from 1500Fcfa to 5 000Fcfa


General subjects

  • French
  • English
  • Job search techniques
  • Business creation and project set-up
  • Labour law (Labour legislation)
  • Techniques and tools for communication and follow-up of the clientele
  • Introduction to computers and the Internet
  • Microsoft Word Essential & Typing
  • Microsoft Excel Essential
  • Introduction to Computer and Network Technology
  • Operating Systems
  • Writing and defending the internship report


  • General Accounting
  • Analytical Accounting
  • General Economics and Business Organization
  • Legal Law
  • Financial mathematics

  • SAGE Accounting
  • SAGE Gestion de la Paie
  • Exams to take

  • Continuous testing
  • Synthesis professional exams (PSE)
  • French
  • English
  • Professional insertion and life
  • General economics and business organization economics
  • Financial mathematics
  • Secretarial practice
  • Practice of quantitative management techniques
  • Office automation (Practical)
  • DQP National Examination
  • Professional Project

  • Teaching Materials
  • One personal computer
  • One USB key
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