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Overall objectives of the training
This vocational training program aims to train specialists capable of organizing and optimizing customer flows, optimizing the transport of goods and the management of material resources, managing purchases and stocks of raw materials.
- To ensure the activities of exploitation and management of vehicles, stocks of goods, warehouses;
- To take care of the administrative follow-up of the files relating to the patrimony; Material of the company, and to intervene sometimes like technical-commercial;
- In the assistance of a person in charge or the management of a certain clientele;
- To take part imperatively in the management of all the logistic chain, logistician, developer of transport, shipper, agent of routing, professional packer By an administrative follow-up.

Target audience Any public (Workers, Self-employed, Job seekers)
Duration of the training
9 months of courses and 3 months of internship in a company
Cost of the training
- Registration fees: 10 000F CFA
- Price of the training: 400 000F CFA
Course materials: The materials vary from 1500Fcfa to 5 000Fcfa


General subjects

  • French
  • English
  • Job search techniques
  • Business creation and project set-up
  • Labour law (Labour legislation)
  • Techniques and tools for communication and follow-up of the clientele
  • Introduction to computers and the Internet
  • Microsoft Word Essential & Typing
  • Microsoft Excel Essential

Professional subjects

  • General Accounting
  • General Economics and Business
  • Business Organization,
  • Legislation, Regulation and Customs Litigation
  • International trade and purchase of goods
  • Maritime transport
  • Insurance and transport of goods
  • Introduction to logistics
  • Transport Law and Litigation
  • Inventory and supply management
  • Transport jobs and practices
  • Detailed reporting
  • Modes of transport
  • Customs regime
  • Handling and stevedoring
  • Exams to take

  • Continuous Controls
  • Professional exams of synthesis (EPS)
  • Professional Placement Examination
  • French language.
  • English language.
  • Professional insertion and life.
  • General economics and business organization economics
  • Financial mathematics
  • Examination of professional situation
  • Office automation (Practical)
  • CQP National Examination
  • Professional Project

  • Learning Materials
  • One personal computer
  • One USB key
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