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Objective of the training
This vocational training program aims to provide access to qualification and integration of job seekers in the computerized accounting professions. The aim is to enable them to acquire the necessary skills in the use of computer equipment, software resources and communication tools.
Skills sought.
At the end of the training, the learner will be able to :
- Correctly use communication tools in the performance of operations;
- Apply the fundamental notions of General Economics;
- Practice general and analytical accounting software;
- Present and analyze the various variances;
- Effectively maintain an in-depth general accounting system;
- Apply tax and accounting rules in business;
- Calculate interest rates and various discounts;
- Carry out the administrative and commercial management of an SME.

Job opportunities
- Holders of the Diplôme de Qualification Professionnelle en Comptabilité informatisée et gestion can offer services in the following areas
- Inventory management;
- Management of accounting activities;
- Recording, entering and filing accounting information;
- Management of payroll and social and tax declarations;
- Management of accounting data (purchases, sales, payroll, social declarations)
- End of year work;
- Accounting work for the incorporation of companies.

Target audience Any public (Workers, Self-employed, Job seekers)
Duration of the training
9 months of courses and 3 months of internship in a company
Cost of the training
- Registration fees: 10 000F CFA
- Price of the training: 400 000F CFA
Course materials: The materials vary from 1500Fcfa to 4 000Fcfa


General subjects

  • French
  • English
  • Job search techniques
  • Business creation and project set-up
  • Labour law (Labour legislation)
  • Techniques and tools for communication and follow-up of the clientele
  • Introduction to computers and the Internet
  • Microsoft Word Essential & Typing
  • Microsoft Excel Essential
  • Introduction to Computer and Network Technology
  • Operating Systems
  • Writing and defending the internship report

Professional Subjects

  • General accounting
  • Analytical accounting
  • General Economics and Business Organization Economics
  • Corporate Taxation
  • Financial Mathematics
  • SAGE Accounting 100
  • SAGE Gestion Commerciale
  • SAGE Payroll 100
  • Information system
  • Statistical and fiscal declaration (DSF)
  • Year-end work
  • Exams to take

  • Continuous controls
  • Synthesis professional exams (EPS)
  • French
  • English
  • Professional insertion and life
  • General economics and business organization economics
  • Financial mathematics
  • Professional situation test
  • National examination of the DQP.
  • Professional Project
  • Teaching materials
  • An OHADA chart of accounts.

  • Learning Materials
  • One personal computer
  • One USB key
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